Best Board Game Ludo STAR apk Free download for android

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Firstly, Ludo STAR apk Download free for android: Download the Ludo star apk 1.35.37 for your android smartphone. At a time easily Ludo star apk download free for your android smartphone. Maybe, Google play store can not available in the google play store, and also every person finds many problems facing it. After that, you can easily download an apk file for Ludo star. In addition, Ludo STAR apk Download free for android 1.35.37 version on their website. After that, easily Direct download links on their website. Play your childhood favorite board game Ludo with various international rules. Enjoy the latest modern design.

What is Ludo star?

Ludo is a game to play with three or four players online with your friends and family.

Ludo STAR gameplay

This game includes the other colors red, green, blue, and yellow. In this game, you have tokens and dice. Each player has four tokens. If you roll the dice first time and hit a six then your token is ready to move on the column. Otherwise, the turn passes to the next player. If you roll a dice and hit a six then you can move a token which is already in a column or may enter another token in starting position.

ludo star apk file

When rolled a six then you have a bonus to play again if rolled six again then you have to play again but rolled a six third time then you can’t move any token and turn to next player. You can move a token in a clockwise direction. After that when each token move in a square shape and enter your all tokens into finishing point which is located the center of the board (e.g. If you are playing on yellow then you complete your square and after this, you can enter your finishing point.).

Ludo STAR apk Download free for android

All of us have grown up playing one board game or another, Ludo is one of the most famous among 1st them in South Asia. From the 90’s kids, finding someone who’s not familiar with this game would be rare. Although the physical board game has gone redundant over the years, someone decided to bring this 90’s craze back to life with this app. That’s a pun today because almost everything has been turned into an app.

Ludo STAR is best ludo game on Android

  1. Login with Facebook and invite friends to play with you
  2. Play with random player in 2 or 4 player matches
  3. Play different variations: Classic, Master or Quick
  4. Play with your favorite rules like Doubling of pieces, kill 1 before entering home etc.
  5. Play in offline mode (NEW)
  6. Download for Free
  7. Chat and send emoticons to other players while you play
  8. Feels like 3d Ludo with 3d dice
  9. Add new people as Game Buddy, make more friends

Download this amazing Ludo, start rolling the dice and enjoy this fantastic online multiplayer game. Relive your ludo days.

Ludo Star is one of the most popular Android games that came out back in 2020. The game quickly rose to fame because of its close-to-reality gameplay. The game is built to give you an experience of the real Ludo game. To understand the Ludo Star, you need a flashback of the Ludo game.

How to install ludo stars on your cell phones?
1- To install ludo stars in your mobile phones download the ludo star apk from our website.
2- Then install it in your phones and allow permission from the setting.
3- And you are done. Play ludo star with your friends.

How do I add friends on Ludo?

You need to create first room to play ludo star with your friends and family

Also Recommended you Subway Surfers game playing. you can here easily direct download on their website. No need for any account or google play store.

Now you can enjoy the latest game of Ludo’s family named Ludo King. You can download it from any play store and start adding your family and friends to play games and enjoy the time with you.

In conclusion, I think you can good information about the Ludu star game. Similarly, more information on Ludo star apk download for your Android smartphone please comment below next replay I will inform you.

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